TS Series - Commercial through-the-wall monoblock units "small"
    TN  TB
Cold room temperature    +5/-5 °C -18/-25 °C
Refrigeration capacity W 370 / 2258 400 / 1275
Room volume 2.2 / 29.5 2.7 / 13.9
• Compact monoblock unit for a through-the-wall installation. Flexible solution suitable for several applications in small cold-rooms and at different temperature ranges.
• Compact design particularly suitable for installation in very little spaces.
• Easy mounting for a very quick installation.
• Electronic control instrument arranged to manage completely refrigerating system; compact, for an easy and intuitive use and with a fast programming.
• High performances thanks to the components of the highest quality. Perfectly calibrated for each specific application.
• Easy access to the main components for an easy maintenance of the system.

• Condensing element body in epoxy-coated steel sheets. Evaporator structure in aluminium.
• Through-the-wall installation.
• Units recommended for use at ambient temperatures higher than 10°C. If units are mounted in Ambient temperature lower than 10°C, some accessories are needed. In case of outdoor installation it is necessary to protect them from the weather.
• Electronic control panel.
• Expansion device: capillary tube.
• Liquid line filter (molecular sieve type).
• Room lighting on all units.
• Cable for door heater connection on low temperature units.
• Condensate evaporation tray and safety overflow drain on all units.
• Drain heater on all the units

TS Series