TI Series - Industrial through-the-wall monoblock units
    TN  TB PL FR
Cold room temperature    +5/-5 °C -18/-25 °C +5/-5, -18/-25 °C -25/-45 °C
Refrigeration capacity W 1108 / 38635 1094 / 33144 1069 / 41019 3643 / 20493
Room volume 11.5 / 1253 10.4 / 1534.60 9.8 / 1384.2 /
Refrigerating monoblock unit for industrial use. Sheet-metal enclosure, painted with epoxy powder, designed for outdoor use. Accessible through folding panels for easy maintenance.

• Electronic controller with alarm module.
• Expansion device with thermal expansion valve.
• All compressors are equipped with crankcase heater.
• Semi-hermetic compressors are equipped with thermistor; on models with oil pump is installed also a protection differential oil pressure switch.
• Compressors with a displacement higher than 52 m³/h are provided with part winding start.
• All units are supplied with adjustable both low pressure switch and high pressure switch, in accordance with the “Pressure Equipment Directive” 2014/68/UE.
• Sight glass.
• Solenoid valve on liquid line.
• All units are supplied with liquid receiver and, except for units form 1, with safety valve, in accordance with the “Pressure Equipment Directive” 2014/68/UE.
• Finned pack heat exchanger.
• Condenser fan pressure switch. On request, it could be replaced by an electronic condenser fan speed regulator.
• Safety switches with safety actuator on the doors of the condenser.
• Remote control panel including keyboard, alarm display and a 5 m long cable already connected to the unit (on request we could supply different lengths up to 20 m).
• Direct drainage of condensate.
• Drain heater.
• Through-the-wall installation of the monoblock.
• Evaporator fan cowl heaters on all blast freezing units.    

TI Series